In this interview with Vastgoedmentor, we learn about Yoran's journey to investing and the reasons why he started Curvo. They also explore how to use Backtest to gain insight into your portfolio and improve it. Finally, he lays out how Curvo works and the partnership with NNEK.

The video is in Dutch and was published on the 6th of September 2021. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Table of contents

00:00 Intro
01:29 Who is Yoran Brondsema?
04:25 Starting Curvo
06:50 Developing Backtest
08:00 How does Backtest work?
18:00 Devloping Curvo
21:18 Current status of
23:10 Banks and brokers in Belgium
24:55 Challenges of investing
27:15 Sign up for the Curvo app
29:42 How to onboard with the Curvo app
38:55 Can you invest in pensions with the Curvo app?
42:55 How does investing with the Curvo app work?
48:55 Lump-sum deposits
49:35 NNEK collaboration
51:45 Accumulating or Distributing ETFs?
52:40 Belgian taxes
54:05 What to consider as an investor?
55:50 Can you get your money out from Curvo's app?
56:30 What sort of buffer/emergency fund to have
58:00 What's the minimum investment to start with Curvo?
58:50 What are the risks?
01:02:46 Curvo's revenue model