In this interview with Sebastien Aguilar, the founder of the FIRE Belgium community, we discover Yoran's journey to entrepreneurship, how to use Backtest to gain insight into your portfolio and improve it. Yoran also shares his experiences with passive investing in Belgium and the process of setting up a fintech company.

This video was originally published in September 2020 and many things related to Curvo have changed. Discover how Curvo works nowadays!

Table of contents

01:49 Yoran's background and path into entrepreneurship
08:30 How he started his first startup Sutori
19:49 Yoran's beginnings in the investing world
24:10 The story of Backtest
27:35 Demo of Backtest
59:24 Why Yoran started Curvo
1:24:40 (Q&A) How is Curvo different from the other players in the space?
1:26:18 (Q&A) Is it useful to diversify among fund providers in your portfolio?
1:33:26 (Q&A) What's the minimum to start investing with Curvo?
1:33:53 The challenges with starting a business like Curvo
1:38:04 (Q&A) How are you going to reach millennials to start investing with Curvo?
1:53:46 Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?