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We’re Thomas & Yoran. We’ve been putting money away for a long time. Like everyone else, we keep our money in a savings account. Yet every year, the low returns are disappointing us. The money is sitting there, so there has to be a better way.

We asked our bank, scoured the web, searched far and wide but we couldn’t find what we were looking for: a way to make money from our savings. Instead all we found was jargon, complicated financial “solutions”, horrible stock photos of old men in suits and clunky apps. No thanks. We didn’t feel that they offered a product built for us and our generation.

That’s why we started Curvo. We know we’re not alone.

What is Curvo?

We make it easy to get a better return on your savings by investing your money for you in index funds. Rather than picking individual stocks such as Tesla, Apple or Facebook and tracking them every day, index funds are a way to buy the whole market. Essentially, you own a small portion of thousands of companies throughout the world. This is called passive investing. Your investments are diversified, low-risk, and best suited for the long term, with a far better return than your savings account.

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Curvo superpowers your savings

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You will have saved €458,115 with Curvo by age 67!

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The simulation is based on the performance of the last 35 years. But note that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Why Curvo?

Our generation is facing a scary financial future

We need to be better prepared financially. Our state-funded pension systems are under increasing pressure due to changing demographics. And unfortunately, our political leaders are not doing what is necessary to prevent a pension crisis.

Savings accounts are not sufficient

Inflation has been above interest rates since 2008. This means that every year, your savings lose some of their value. Yes, you effectively lose money if you keep all your savings in a savings account!

Investing is hard

You have to define your portfolio, find a broker, figure how taxes work,… We've been through this ourselves and realized that acquiring this knowledge and skills takes a lot of time, perseverance and a certain confidence in your own capacity for taking good decisions. The finance world is intimidating, filled with jargon and full of people who want to separate you from your money.