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Find the cheapest broker for your ETF

Compare the transaction costs for different brokers available to Belgian investors. Select the ETF and the amount you want to buy, and we will show you the exact fees you'll end up paying for each broker. This way, you can find the cheapest broker to buy your ETF.


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How the tool works

The tool compares the transaction costs for different brokers available to Belgian investors.

The brokers we compare are:

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Note that only Trade Republic offers fractional shares. The other brokers require you to buy whole units.

Why we built it

Brokers don't make it easy for you to understand how much you'll end up paying exactly for a transaction. The fee usually depends on the exchange on which you're trading and the amount of the transaction. For instance, a broker may tell on their pricing page that it costs €12 to buy ETF X on Euronext Amsterdam for orders below €5,000, and €15 to buy the same ETF on XETRA. And for orders above €5,000, it'll cost respectively €20 and €25.

Calculating the transaction cost this way for an ETF is tedious, because you have to link this information with the investment amount and the stock exchanges the ETF trades on. Comparing several brokers is even harder, and is extremely annoying and time-consuming. It gets even more complicated when realising that some ETFs are not available on some brokers.

We went over all the pricing pages and lists of available ETFs, and built all that information into this one tool. So you don't have to make that annoying comparison yourself!

Why only ETFs

At Curvo, we strongly believe that passive investing is the best investment strategy for most people. Rather than picking individual stocks like Tesla or Apple, passive investing (or investing through ETFs or trackers or index funds) lets you buy the whole stock market, across all sectors and regions. Essentially, you own a small part of thousands of companies throughout the world.

As a consequence, ETFs are what we focus on here. There are other broker comparison tools out there for individual stocks or other types of assets.

Price isn't the only criterion when choosing a broker

We completely agree. Other aspects such as the handling of taxes, the ease of use, or the safety of your assets are important too when choosing a broker. We go into these in more detail in our comparison for the best broker in Belgium for ETFs.

How can I start investing in ETFs?

Our guide for Belgians is a good starting point to learn how to invest in ETFs.

Do you see incomplete or wrong information?

We strive that the data given by the tool is always up to date. But sometimes brokers change their prices without us knowing. If you see something that's incorrect or missing, please email us and we'll fix it.

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