How automated investments compare to investing yourself

Learn about the differences with managing your own investments through a broker.

Do-it-yourself is how we started

Our founder Yoran spent hours researching and figuring out how to build an optimal portfolio to prepare for his financial future. He read books, scoured the web and got lost on Reddit. Finding the right resources was challenging.

The majority of books and articles about investing are written for US audiences and aren't applicable to Belgian investors. Furthermore, most tell you only the theory. But resources that teach you how to bring it into practice, for instance how to deal with Belgian taxes, are scarce.

To fill this gap and help the Belgian DIY investor, he began blogging about his journey . Along the way, he also developed a free backtesting tool for European index investors.

From this experience, he realised why none of his friends were investing: it's too complicated. So it made sense to build a product to solve this problem.

Curvo was born.


Why a DIY approach makes sense

Optimised for cost

No need to pay an asset manager a fee

You're in the driver's seat

Your portfolio is in your hands


How it compares to do-it-yourself

Automated investing
Steep learning curve
Take the time to learn and understand the intricacies of passive investing.
No expertise needed
The complexities of investing are taken care of so you don't have to worry.
The allocation of your portfolio is in your hands
Figure out how to build the correct allocation that meets your needs.
Portfolio is automatically set up for you
The best portfolio for you is built based on your time horizon and financial goals.
Manual labour
It doesn't take long to calculate and execute your transactions monthly. But after a while, it becomes an annoying task.
Set up monthly contributions and your money is invested automatically.
Costly for monthly contributions
Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) can be expensive in broker fees. And since you have to buy units of shares, you'll always be left with cash on your account.
Optimised for monthly investing
You're not charged per transaction. And fractional shares means all your € is invested.
Learn how to rebalance
Do you wish to do so quarterly, yearly, never? How to decide?
Choose a broker
Research brokers and find the one you feel safe with.
Keep track of your portfolio
You may have to set up a spreadsheet to stay on top of things.
Figure out taxes
Taxes are complicated. Also, they change all the time!
Confidence in your own abilities
Be sure of your choices.
It requires discipline to stay the course.
Handled for you
Brokers want you to trade
That's how they make money.
Optimised for buy-and-hold
Incentives aligned with yours.
The cheapest
Only pay your broker and taxes.
Costs a little more
A fee between 0.6% to 1% per year that covers all costs.

Use our free resources if you wish to DIY

We realise that many of you want to manage their own investments. We're here to support that too. After all, our mission is for millennials to be better prepared for their financial future.

Please use our resources to help you on your journey.