1% per year

Calculated on your total investments
—or "assets under management" in finance jargon—

What you're paying for

Globally diversified portfolio of index funds

Your money is invested in funds that suit you, your level of risk and financial goals.

The buying and selling done for you

No extra fees when making transactions.

All your money working for you

Fractional shares mean that no cash is ever left on your account doing nothing.


Your portfolio is always balanced and aligned to you.

Taxes sorted

TOB, Reynders tax... We know that no one enjoys figuring this out.

No withdrawal fee

Plus, you can withdraw at any time.

Secure investments

They are supervised by the Dutch finance regulators. This also means that they're protected by the European Investor Protection Scheme.

We're there for you

Your success is our success. Chat to us at any time and we’ll be there to guide you throughout your investment journey.

In essence, you get peace of mind.


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Questions you may have

Are there any additional costs?

The 1% fee covers everything except for the Reynders tax, which is the Belgian tax on capital gains for bond funds. It amounts to 30% on the profit and is charged when you sell parts of your investments and when your portfolio is rebalanced. For example, if you have €100 worth of bonds in your Curvo portfolio and end up selling it for €130, your net profit will only be €21. The other €9 will go to the Belgian state through this tax. We help you declare this tax should it apply to your situation.

What about the total expense ratio (TER)?

Fund providers charge this fee for managing their funds. They automatically deduct it from the performance of the fund so you're not charged on top of the 1%. The funds in your portfolio are carefully selected to have a low TER and this is monitored closely. These funds charge between 0.13% and 0.25%.

What about the transaction tax (TOB / "beurstaks" / "taxe boursière")?

When investing through Curvo, you don't have to pay any transaction tax.

Belgian residents are required to pay a transaction tax on each purchase and sale of a financial asset, for instance stocks, ETFs, bonds... However, funds that meet certain conditions are exempt. And all funds in your portfolio meet these criteria.

Why would I pay 1% when I can do it myself?

First of all, we're happy that you understand the importance of investing. After all, our vision is for millennials to be financially secure. Whether you invest through Curvo or by yourself, we're happy either way.

So you're more than welcome to inspire yourself from Curvo portfolios and implement it yourself. Please note that those funds are only accessible to institutional investors, which means you won't be able to replicate it entirely on your own. But you can get close enough by buying similar ETFs.

However, if you:

  • don't want to handle the taxes
  • don't want to spend time choosing a broker
  • don't want to spend time making the trades
  • don't want to figure out a rebalancing strategy and execute on it
  • want fractional shares
  • want peace of mind that your investments are taken care of

...then you're welcome to use Curvo!

Do I still have to pay the 1% fee if my investments go down?

Yes. Fluctuations in the markets are part of all long-term investment journeys. We're with you the entire way.

How is the 1% charged?

The fee for the management of your investments by NNEK is charged every quarter. The day before a quarter begins, 1/4th of 1% is calculated based on the total value of your portfolio on that day. You are then charged for the quarter in advance.

Fractional shares means that all your money is invested. Parts of your investments are sold in proportion to your portfolio to cover the fee.

You get a full breakdown of costs in your quarterly reports, which can be accessed in the "Docs" part of the Curvo app.

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