We made investing so easy,
all you need is an app.

Home screen of the Curvo app
Risk profile question screen of the Curvo app
Screenshot of the Curvo app when getting the portfolio that suits you
Screenshot of the Curvo app when investing in one go
Screenshot of the Curvo app when setting up a savings plan
Screenshot of the Curvo app when viewing your portfolio evolution

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Create your account in seconds with itsme.

Tell us your goals

Answer a few questions and we’ll help you reach your targets.

Get the portfolio that suits you

Send money to be invested

Make a transfer through your banking app.

Put your investments on autopilot and sit back

Set up a monthly savings plan through direct debit.

Be in control of your financial future


In other words,
Curvo is the easiest way to invest.

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Globally diversified portfolio of index funds

Your money is invested in funds that suit you, your level of risk and financial goals.

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The buying and selling done for you

No need to calculate how many shares of each fund you need to buy each month.

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All your money is put to work

Fractional shares means that every single cent of yours is invested.

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Your portfolio is always balanced and aligned to you.

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Taxes sorted

TOB, Reynders tax... We know that no one enjoys figuring this out.

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Withdraw anytime

Plus, there's no fee.

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Your investments are regulated

They are supervised by the Dutch finance regulators. This also means that they're protected by the European Investor Protection Scheme.

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We're here for you

Your success is our success. Chat to us at any time and we’ll be there to guide you on your investment journey.

All of this, for 1% per year

Explore the details

Or invest a little time in the specifics