Investing is a big decision

We take the safety of your investments seriously.

Everything we do
to keep your money secure.

Regulated by the financial authorities

Your investments are managed by NNEK, a Dutch investment firm. NNEK is licensed by the Dutch regulator (AFM).

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Your assets are safe from bankruptcy

Neither Curvo nor NNEK holds any of your investments. For your safety and convenience, they're kept by the custodian, which is a separate and independent entity.

This ensures that you keep all your assets in the event of either Curvo or NNEK shutting down.

No euro can go missing

Fractional shares means that every single cent of yours is invested.

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Invest in the best funds

Your money is invested only in funds run by Vanguard, iShares (by BlackRock) and Amundi.

You are protected by the European Investor Protection Scheme

This scheme ensures that your assets are protected for up to €20,000, as a last resort against fraud or embezzlement.

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Withdrawal of your money whenever you like

No long term contracts, no penalties, no fees to leave...

You're in control.

Secure login via itsme

The use of itsme makes sure that only you can ever access your account.

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Questions you may have

Who is NNEK?

NNEK (or Noordnederlands Effektenkantoor in full) is a Dutch asset manager that manages your investments. They've been growing their customers' wealth in the Netherlands since 1986, and are licensed as an investment firm by the AFM, the Dutch financial regulator.

What's the relationship between NNEK and Curvo?

NNEK (or "Noordnederlands Effektenkantoor" in full) manages your investments. Curvo is a trade name of NNEK and provides the app.

Who holds my assets?

As mentioned above, neither Curvo nor NNEK hold your assets. This ensures that in the event that either of us shuts down, your assets are fully protected.

Instead, your investments are held by the Stichting Noordnederlandse Beleggersgiro. This custodian, although managed by NNEK, is an entirely separate legal entity. Its sole task is to administer and safeguard your investments. By law it cannot perform any commercial activities. It is overseen by an independent board, and it is supervised by both the AFM (the Dutch finance regulator) and the DNB (the Dutch national bank), who ensure that it fulfills all of its regulatory obligations towards you.

Learn the intricacies of how the custodian safeguards your assets.

How does the European Investor Protection Scheme work?

The main goal of the European regulatory framework for investment firms is to protect consumers such as yourself. For instance, it makes sure that:

  • there's a separation between your assets and those of the investment firm
  • your assets are held by a separate entity (the custodian)
  • potential irregularities are detected early on through strict oversight

Before the EU introduced the European Investor Protection Scheme, there were cases where fraudulent behaviour by investment firms went undetected and customers suffered losses. The scheme protects up to €20,000 of your investments against fraud and embezzlement, and it applies to all European customers of an investment firm, including you. Investing in the stock market does carry a risk as investments can go up and down and this does scheme does not cover losses due to a market downturn.

Learn more on the AFM's website (Dutch regulator) (only in Dutch)

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