Invest monthly in ETFs on autopilot

Investing every month simply works


Why monthly investing makes a lot of sense

Invest as soon as you're paid

You're likely paid monthly. Investing at the same frequency simplifies saving and budgeting.

You don't miss out on returns

The financial markets go up and down. But the long-term trend is upward. The longer you wait to invest, the more likely you are to miss out on returns. By investing part of your salary as soon as you receive it, you force yourself to invest as early as possible.

Brings peace of mind

Timing the market is incredibly difficult. The financial markets are impacted by many factors that are completely out of our control. For instance, no one could predict the Covid pandemic. When timing the markets, the odds are against you. You may get lucky, but in most cases you'll be worse off than sticking to a monthly plan.

Best suited for long-term investing

Consistent monthly investments in ETFs is the best way to save for the long term. As your career progresses, you can easily increase your monthly contribution to adapt to your new financial situation.


Curvo was built for monthly investing

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Put your investments on autopilot and sit back

Set up a direct debit, and your money is automatically invested every month. Get back to the important things in your life rather than worry about your investments!

Invest in a portfolio built for you

Your money is invested in a portfolio of index funds that suits you and your financial goals.

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Curvo waves pointing to the top and right

All your money is invested

Unlike investing with a broker, your investments through Curvo support fractional shares. There is no cash left behind.

Set up your plan in just a few minutes

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