Belgian pension calculator

Estimate your Belgian state pension for employees

Today, I am years old.

I started working at the age of and was earning a pre-tax salary of € per month.

By the time I retire, I estimate I will be earning a pre-tax salary of € per month.

Estimated state pension (pre-tax)

€1,483 per month

Can I use this calculator?

The result of the calculator is relevant for you if:

  • You are Belgian.
  • You are an employee. The pension for freelancers and public servants is calculated differently.

What about inflation?

Good point! When you retire in 2058, your pension will actually be €3,130. However, we think that it gives a better idea to convert this number into today's terms. €3,130 will be worth about €1,483 today.

What assumptions are you making?

For any estimate, we need to make assumptions and simplifications.

  • You retire at 67 years old.
  • You work throughout your entire career.
  • Your salary grows by a fixed percentage every year. The growth rate is computed using your starting and ending salary.

How can I increase my pension?

There are three ways through which you can save for a higher pension.

  1. Save through the occupational pension ("aanvullend pensioen" or "pension complémentaire") through your employer.
  2. Save through an individual pension saving account ("pensioensparen" or "épargne-pension"). Read more about this in our guide to Belgian pension saving.
  3. Voluntary saving through an investment service like Curvo.