How the custodian works

The custodian's prime goal is to safeguard your assets. It's set up as an investor giro ("beleggersgiro" in Dutch), a system primarily used in the Netherlands. Investor giros are used by major Dutch financial institutions to safeguard their customers' assets. What makes an investor giro unique is that it offers fractional shares by pooling together all the investments of its customers.

You are the beneficial owner of your assets

The custodian holds the assets for you for your safety and convenience.

Regulated by the Dutch financial authorities

Your custodian is the Stichting Noordnederlandse Beleggersgiro, which is run by NNEK. It's strictly regulated by both the AFM and De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch National Bank):

  • It has been safeguarding the assets of NNEK's customers since it was set up in 2001.
  • It ensures separation of management and holding of your assets. If either Curvo or NNEK were to shut down, you will still have access to your assets.
  • It's an independent legal entity separate from Curvo and NNEK.
  • It has no commercial activity. Its only job is to safeguard your assets.

Your money is fully invested

An advantage of an investor giro over other types of custodians is that it allows fractional shares. This means that no € ever goes missing or is not invested. This also allows you to start investing from €50.

Where can I learn more

The Stichting Noordnederlandse Beleggersgiro has its registered office in Heerenveen in the Netherlands. Its address is K.R. Poststraat 100-2, 8441 ER Heerenveen. It's registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under 02073733.

To learn more, we refer you to the rules and conditions. Alternatively, all the documents can be found in Dutch on their website

I still have some questions

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