We sit down with Pierre Abergel, the designer of Curvo’s mobile application. We discuss with him how he approached the process, we learn more about his background and also what he is most proud of in his work!

Tell us about yourself and what you do

Hello! I’m a freelance UX/UI designer who loves working with startups just starting out.

What kind of projects have you worked on in the past?

I have the chance to work with a few startup incubators in Belgium and others contact me directly. But that’s not all I do; in my career I’ve also had a taste of corporate life by working for big companies, it’s also very formative.

How did you approach the work on the Curvo user experience?

I liked the Curvo project from the beginning, the sad fate of savings and the period of life I am now starting to live have made me think at length about where and how to invest my savings.

Being a searcher for this type of product myself, I had no trouble identifying with the user to fine-tune the best possible user experience.

The signup screen in Curvo's mobile application

Where do you find your inspiration?

As always it’s hard to say, it often comes from a whole bunch of different things, often clothing brands aimed at a young and trendy audience. On this project I was especially lucky to be able to rely on a strong and original graphic charter created by Marta Veludo, which allowed me to really have fun.

What was the hardest thing to achieve in the design of Curvo’s mobile application?

The most complicated challenge was the MiFID questionnaire that every investment services provider has to make its clients fill in. This is a fairly long and sometimes complicated step that had to be made as attractive and informative as possible. I hope we did a good job!

What did you like most about working on Curvo?

As I said, the styleguide which is the opposite of what I’m used to working on in general allowed me to really get out of my comfort zone and express myself in a totally transformed way. It was a lot of fun, this assignment went by too fast!

Dashboard in Curvo's mobile application

Can you share something in the app that you’re really proud of?

I really like the signing method which I find makes the interaction with the app very nice. The other thing I particularly like is the language (tone of voice) which also plays a major role in the bond we create with the client.

Are you investing your savings?

Not yet, I preferred to turn to real estate at first. But there’s no doubt that I’ll end up diversifying my investments and turning to Curvo.

Why do you think an app like Curvo is necessary?

These days, investing in the markets remains very opaque for most people. Even if a lot of efforts are being made to democratise investment, it unfortunately remains a business in which you have to be initiated.

I think Curvo can really help break the ice, guide people correctly and push them to take the plunge. Especially if you take the trouble to teach a large number of people how to invest their money in sustainable and responsible investments, it can have a huge beneficial impact on our planet.

Where can people learn more about you and your work?

I have an online portfolio that I update regularly: with.study

If not, please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss anything design related!