Meet and ask us your questions directly!

We host webinars to empower Belgian millennials to improve their financial well-being. They're also a great opportunity for us to meet you and future Curvo members.

Introducing Curvo webinar

Webinars are run by us, the founders of Curvo, and cover:

  • an introduction to passive investing: what it is and why it works
  • a walkthrough of how Curvo works
  • answers to any of your questions

Watch the recording from our first webinar (15 minutes) which took place on October 14, 2021.

Upcoming webinar with Tim Nijsmans

We're pleased to welcome you to our live webinar with Tim Nijsmans and Curvo co-founder Yoran Brondsema. We'll be talking all about ETFs!

  • Investing through ETFs: what they are, how they work, how to choose them, how to buy them
  • Backtest: how to use this free tool to analyse your investment portfolio based on its historical performance
  • Live Q&A: ask your questions to Tim and Yoran

Please note that this event will be in Dutch. We will write up an article with the main points in English which will be published on the Curvo Academy.

About Tim Nijsmans

Tim Nijsmans is the founder of Vermogensgids, where he advises Belgians on how to invest for long-term success. He is also on the board of the Flemish Association of Investors (Vlaamse Federatie van Beleggers) and founder of the Beleggen Facebook group, which counts over 27,000 members. To top it off, he's also a professor in Private Banking at the Artevelde Hogeschool in Ghent. And he's a genuinely friendly person who wants to share all his knowledge and experience with others :)

Register for the webinar which takes place on November 30, 2021 at 20.30!